Welcome to GRAFFICO!

Welcome to the world of unique signage, design lovers, people who care about you needs.

Who are we? What do we do?

Graffico is most of all a gas station branding and rebranding specialist. It is the gas station signage that represents our flag product and constitutes the largest segment of our total production.

The second linchpin and specialization of Graffico is large scale signage design, manufacture and installation.

The third field that Graffico specializes in is visual identification production and assembly for chain stores.

Our asset and strength are also prototype work and creating technologically sophisticated elements increasing sales and prestige of chain stores.

Our youngest „child” is a new brand ŁAWANGARDA, creative and unusual outdoor furniture which are the result of design love especially in public places.

What is most important for us?

DESIGN matters.
We are immensely anxious about details, technological, visual and design quality.

PRODUCTION is the core of our activity.
There are a few elements that make the product timeless, durable, ecofriendly: high quality components, subassemblies, precision, vision and good quality management. The most vital are human resources, designers, engineers, manufacture departments and certified assembly teams

ASSEMBLY is the dot over I’s. It is the final touch of the whole design and manufacture process. To be absolutely sure that the installations are prefect, we have our own certified assembly teams.

COMPREHENSIVENESS of the provided service matters in terms of cohesion and logistics of the whole process and time saving.
In Graffico, we create designs technical, technological project and mockups. We prepare technical and as-built documentation. We carry out audit and inventory. We manufacture and install. We realize the whole branding process from A to Z.

RELATION and education guarantee success.
We stay in constant touch with our clients. We assist and educate as you do not need to know everything. You will be informed about the progress of you order on a day-to-day basis. You will be assisted with guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Who we are?

What we do?


We implement a complex process of gas station branding and rebranding starting with design creation, technical documentation, audit, ending up on realization and installation. We manufacture pylon signs, directory signs, canopy, roof lining, lighting, highway welcome signs, shop identity, display stands and litter bins for segregation.


Giant size illuminating letters, which attract all eyes. Prefect technology, sub-assemblies, professional installation all over Poland - you will really enjoy working with us!
projekt podświetlanego słupa ogłoszeniowego


If you need illuminated and rotating element to display posters and promotion information, ambient activities in your city or region? It is fitting. We manufacture the product that you will adore.