It is a perfect solution if you want your brand to be visible from a distance and to attract all eyes.

It is a significant location point for customers, investors, tourists, people on business trips s they always find the way to your company in the cities and on highways.

Tall advertising constructions and pylonsigns are a perfect brand for hotel,
drive-thru restaurant, gas stations, shopping centers, headquarters,
logistics seats.

Sky-high construction and pylon sign manufacture is our flag product. The design and form can be various. Constructions can be round, square, octagonal and telescopic. They can be also steel, aluminum and concrete.
Our project managers will assist throughout the process, balloon test, advise you with technology and technical aspects.

What can we do for you in terms of advertising constructions, poles, pylon and welcome signs?

We carry out audit, balloon test, prepare technical and building documentation, design and visualization. We manufacture, install concrete foundation, assembly a sign and finally we provide you with as-build documentation, certificates, and attestation. All in one hand.

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