The city is written with a CAPITAL letter.

Advertising letters are an excellent and modern form of advertising which attracts tourists from all over the world. After all, who of us would not like to have a photo with the background of such illuminated letters?

Advertising letters are usually located in the central places of the city and constitute an interactive city attraction for residents and tourists.

“Big words” are a meeting point, an attraction, a place where peoplespend time, take photos, which then live on social media and promote
cities and regions.

Remember, however, that white letters and a red heart,
Eg. I ❤ Amsterdam is not the only concept. Of course, such a juxtaposition carries an emotional and warm message, but we always encourage cities to use stories, legends, symbols, important events that can be incorporated into the inscriptions in a very plastic way, so that they are not only letters, but also decorations that educate.

Usually, letter signs are located in parks, in the vicinity of squares, they are a characteristic point at which both residents and tourists eagerly gather. Hence, it is a great idea to equip advertising letters with small architecture, relaxation zones, comfortable benches and beautiful greenery. Thanks to this, we will achieve a multidimensional aesthetic effect, and thus – this place will become an iconic place on the map of a given town. A must-see!

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3D letters and signs are ubiquitous in our business landscape, because each brand marks its presence. Logotypes most often appear on facades, on roofs, on soaring structures, but free-standing letters are an increasingly common form.
3D letters and signs are a signpost for your customers, the presence of the brand, emphasizing prestige and a way to shape and consolidate brand awareness.

A comprehensive service, i.e., perfect technology, various lighting methods, branded components, certified assembly throughout Poland, artists who create a timeless design and 30 years of experience – all to add wings to your business.

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Technical description of ADVERTISING LETTERS

Advertising letters and all 3D letters are produced only in the highest and most durable technology.
2 mm WELDED ALUMINUM – the thickness of the welded sheet on the back and on the sides makes the letters stiff, stable and completely safe for the environment. Advertising letters do not deform due to the effects of strong wind or very high temperatures in summer. Aluminum does not rust, which eliminates the problem of unsightly stains on the facade.
LEDS – we use LEDs with different lenses, with IP68, which are resistant to water, moisture and condensation. They can even be submerged in water! Diodes are reliable and energy-saving. The average lifetime of LED modules is sometimes estimated at ~ 50,000 hours. Assuming that the advertisement is lit for 10 hours a day, about 300 hours a month, and therefore 3500 hours a year, the relative operating time is about 15 years!
POWDER PAINTING – our products are made of aluminum, and the best and most durable paint is powder paint with various structures, also imitating wood. Thanks to this, the color on the advertisement does not fade, there will be no stains and brighter spots burnt by the sun.
LICO PLEXI OR FLEXIBLE LICO – for all advertising letters and large size letters, we use materials resistant to time and weather conditions, to extreme temperatures + 50 / -50 * C, so quality and technology are important here.
There are several ways to highlight letters that contribute to the final visual effect. In order to choose the right method for your company or city – contact us!

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