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Assembly is the final act of manufacturing our products. For us, it is the culmination of all production, technical, plastic, construction and logistics processes.
This is the result of the company’s experience.

The assembly is the last stage of implementation, and yet it remains the most important. It is him who determines the final effect for which the entire team works, so the installers are in the hands of the success of the project, implementation, the client and us – the producer.

In this case, every detail matters.

Trouble-free assembly is the result of the company’s experience

Assembly is the result of many invisible elements, such as:

  • good audit and balloon tests,
  • rich experience,
  • broad skills,
  • crupulous quality procedures,
  • restrictive safety procedures,
  • safe personal protective equipment,
  • optimal logistics,
  • many machines and devices,
  • branded tools and components,
  • experienced people – the professionals.

ASEMBLY is primarily human.

Each department works on its tasks in the subsequent stages of the project, but only the assemblers work in rain, snow and sun. At height, almost touching the sky and installing foundations of several dozen tons in the ground. Far from home on a business trip

That is why installation is so important to us.

Underestimated by others, treated marginally, crucial and decisive for us. This is where it turns out whether the elements constructed by engineers fit together perfectly, and the visual design created by graphic designers actually looks as attractive as on paper or on a computer.

Our team of installers consists of qualified specialists with many years of experience.

They are professionals with great skills in many fields, including engineering, construction and construction. Of course, they are blue collar workers, but they are also employees without whom any of our signage implementations would not be created.

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