Litter bins for segregation

Today, each of us is more or less eco, as society we are more and more ecologically aware.

The basis of a pro-ecological attitudeis to segregate waste and encourage others to do so.

To make the message legible, the bins should have a unique design that will encourage or even provoke waste segregation.

Based on this eco assumption, we designed bins for waste segregation. What distinguishes them on the market?

The containers we create are:

  • – customer friendly,,
  • – well-marked,
  • – durable and aesthetic,
  • – modular,
  • – very intuitive to use.

Identification and the possibility of customization make them look great in public and business space.

What's more?

Being intuitive to use doesn't just mean they're easy to open and close. The waste sorting bins we produce are also equipped with an intuitive bag exchange mechanism - making it easier and more efficient to empty them..

Our litter bins also have modular arrangement options in any combination and composition.

    Available modules:
  • mixed
  • plastic
  • metal
  • paper
  • glass
  • batteries
  • nuts
  • ashtray

The ashtray is placed over the glass container, which reduces the risk of burning the waste. The form of the ashtray in the form of a drawer allows easy and convenient emptying. There is also a possibility of pouring sand into it for extinguishing of cigarette butts.

In addition, we also offer baskets for schools and kindergartens, which are designed to encourage the youngest to segregate waste in a friendly manner and educate and develop good, environmentally friendly habits. We are convinced that everyone deserves well-designed items, which is why we create elements that will not only look good, but will also be useful for many years.


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