PYLON signs

They are small and tall masterpieces, freestanding signs. They are supposed to exhibit logos, brands and address or show you way,

Pylon signs are one of the very first flag product of Graffico. For 30 years we have been implementing pylon signs for mamy companies, brands and cities in Poland and abroad. On our scorecard we have over 3500 realizations of pylon and welcome signs. We do not boast, but show our extensive experience, which you can take advantage of.

We design customized pylon signin such a way that they are a harmoniouspart of the landscapeand surrounding architecture.

to promote places and events


Companies renting office space want to mark their presence in the office building. If you also work with many brands and business partners, the tenant pylon is the perfect solution. It displays the brands of your contractors and suppliers in an orderly and harmonious manner. Instead of advertising chaos, a pylon sign collects all contractors in one place.


If you organize of important events or create iconic products - you can use the advertising pylon as a communication element. Theme pylon can take any and unique shape or have rotating elements.


Pylon signs can be equipped with an additional device for measuring and exposing air quality. It is an interesting way to promote clean air ​​of a given town or region. Read more about Fair Air pylons.

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We will give wingsto your every endeavor!

We are not only a manufacturer of pylon signs.

The attention to every detail and the pursuit of harmony with the surrounding landscape makes our pylons and totems not only visible, durable, but also beautiful. Thanks to our vast experience (as great as our pylons can be :)) and unlimited imagination, we are able to prepare and implement a UNIQUE design each time. Soaring, with an unlimited number of shapes – from modern, through stylized, to pylons strongly referring to the characteristic elements of the building’s facade, integrated with the general vision of the architect.

Just contact us, and we’ll do the rest.

A few words about pylons

Sky-high signs

Graffico’s pylons can be 3 to 50 meters high. They are characterized by high quality, unique aesthetics, thought-out technology, timeless design and ecological solutions.

Taking care of the landscape

Pylons are a prestigious corporate sign of, office buildings, institutions, retail chains and events. Thanks to the free-standing form, they are an ideal solution for signage, additionally without interfering into the facades and roofs.

The size of the forms

Pylons and totems can take many forms. In addition to the classic design, characterized by a simple shape, we also manufacture pylon signs, letter pylons or pylons with overlays, arches, wings and architectural elements.

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