Welcome signs are unique city brand display
and prestigious greeting not only dwellers
bust also tourists.

Welcome signs are a prestigious visiting card of cities and regions.

They are a large format of hospitality, but also display promotion content for tourists and investors.

They communicate a lot and encourage trippers to stay longer in the city.  Some state officials focus on timeless design, others on regional history or touristic attraction presentation.

The latest trend is to implement free-standing, large-size letters – in this field we are most experienced and professional.

What are the strengths of welcome signs?

First of all, they are a beautiful diversion for drivers in travel. Monotony while driving is dangerous, and a welcome sign serves as a break while driving.

Welcome signs allow residents to identify more with the town. It is an important element of promotion and image, which has a large impact on promotion activities of cities.

Design is a strong point of the illuminated welcome sign, which makes an amazing impression especially in the late evenings.

We all like pretty things,
remember that!

Welcome signs from the technical side

Recommended height

Recommended height of the Graffico’s welcome signs and pylons can be 3 to 50 meters high. They are characterized by high quality, unique aesthetics, thought-out technology, timeless design and ecological solutions.

Types of welcome signs

First of all, it depends on whether it is to act as a visiting card, a tourist attraction, as in the case of 3D letters, especially tendy in European countries. The 2-meter-high letters are a tourist attraction and a meeting point for many regions.

The type of welcome sign is often not the most important. You can fully trust our product managers in this matter.

Unusual solutions

An unusual solution is a combination of a welcome sign with an additional function. A good example is Fair Air pylon displaying the level of pollution or air purity. It is an ideal solution because it combines the functions of the city’s visiting card and information display. Especially nowadays, when ecology is so important, displaying data on air purity is an element that residents and tourists are looking for.

We also implement bicycle pylons, which count cyclists on a daily and annual basis and display data.

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